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Cattle Raising Profitable?

on Friday, October 8, 2010

Life is a relativity to achieve something better. Thus even with us in our efforts to achieve their dreams and future baik.Upaya directed to the point that despite the challenges facing sometimes come without permission was not even invited. As human beings must work to support themselves and social, is in point of the necessity to develop what we have. Entrepreneurship is one viable way to go.
On the day that's happy, I settled on two bulls brahman and metal to be maintained in the village. The village is actually beautiful and rich human resource potential and natural resources, but mismanagement is only mastered by a handful of people. Poverty no doubt be made self-winding who sometimes despair. A beautiful village in Sleman, Yogyakarta Moyudan area where I grew up and pursue a life as human beings. Armed with two cows that are kept by the uncle, hoping to restore confidence to be human independence. The purchase price of the two 14 million.   I am determined to make it as a starting point to change the family economy. Therefore, it must be ensured that the management and maintenance should be properly addressed.
In terms of micro memeliharaan cow, actually not too difficult. Feed concentrate as the main ingredient should be available fairly, in addition of course feed kolonjono or elephant grass forage. Sometimes also interspersed with corn stalks that are rich in sugars that will further accelerate the growth of cattle. One month, two months passed until five months finally passed.Growth pretty good cow and increased quite dramatically. From the beginning, my aim was that the cow had been sold in the maintenance of a maximum of 4-5 months. We try to offer cows to some traders, the price was not so good. Both were only offered 17 million. Prices are so low in terms of quality but good beef. Finally, we pause for sale. Apparently from time to time, the relative price does not rise even in fact there is a tendency to go down. Teru worried about declining prices, finally a month later dijuallah tesebut cows with 17.5 million price.

Not the people who do not learn if we only regret and mourn what happened. Trace on the logic of Pica (Plan, Identification and Corective Action) I finally made a fundamental change in the maintenance of cattle. The focus is no longer in business enlargement, but to the nursery. I dropped the option to maintain broodstock in a luxurious limousine. Alhamdulillah, the two are already given birth parent of all and is now pregnant again. Tillers limousine is, targeted to be sold a maximum of 6 months of age. In terms of maintenance costs, up to age 6 months is still low. These micro sides made an effort to empower themselves.
Indeed the macro, if we consider, really sad at all with this condition. I am sure, would condition ranchers and farmers in Indonesia are mostly not moved from cattle rearing is merely a sideline and is considered as the savings alone. Meanwhile, government favoritism towards this sector is still small and deemed not profitable political kalkukalasi. Agriculture Minister had not succeeded in making policies that lead to this sector becomes dominant sector although the government has sapai self-sufficiency target in 2014. Pad a thing we know, that Indonesia could manage this sector as a competitive advantage. But what is meretricious. Each year, we are still importing 500 thousand ox tail, rice is also imported. The fate of farmers and ranchers is one-sided.When will this be passed. Governments should be fully involved to regulate the sector, including the mechanisms and policies. - Eka Budi Kurniawan.


bima said...

good topic....we wait for the others....;)
btw mas kapan neh bs join bt pembibitan, sepertinya untuk pembesaran saya jg mengalami nasib yang sama cuma lbih sedikit beruntung...
ditunggu yah jawabannya....

ebudikurniawan said...

Makasih Mas Bima. Boleh Mas Bima share juga ke saya. Pola yang Mas Bima lakukan seperti apa ya? Untuk sama2 nambah knowladge. Saya memang lbh fokus untuk pembibitan aja, karena kalau untuk pembesaran, harga kurang bagus kecuali idul fitri dan idul adha.

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